Active shooter and workplace violence incidents are on the rise. Preparation is the key to limiting the terrifying possibilities of these kinds of attacks.  Yet preparation and clear policy are equally needed for many things which occur much more frequently – increasingly severe weather storms, sexual assaults, supply chain issues, and a host of other needs.


Red Ball Drills®is the groundbreaking program designed by Experior Group, Inc. to deliver both the very latest process advances toward active shooter preparation while also providing scenario-based training for any range of hazards, including workplace (violence, sexual harassment, reporting), weather (type & style, extended event, shelter in place, evacuation, business continuity) and more.


The Red Ball Drills® approach is the “all hazards” training approach – if you can think it up, or need to test a plan or scenario, we can build around it. We use assessments, third party analysis, and our proprietary methodology to help you steadily improve process, policy and procedure and build a safer organizational culture.


Crisis preparation and planning are critical to minimize the impact of potential threats.  The Red Ball Drills® allow clients to develop the appropriate procedures or enhance existing procedures.  We evaluate: reaction of protective personnel, building management procedures, escape routes, lock-down procedures, coordination with law enforcement, and overall communication.

How do The Red Ball Drills® Work for You?

  • Includes a comprehensive threat assessment to evaluate potential threats and review current processes and procedures.
  • Allows clients to conduct training with specific participants without others being aware that training is taking place.
  • Removes fear and potential trauma.  No fake weapons are used; no overtly aggressive actions are needed.
  • Provides controlled pressure on participants to yield essential information on improvements.