Red Ball Drills is Revolutionary and Unique in the Crisis Management and Preparedness Industry


U.S. Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Certification badge

Experior Group Inc. is the creator of Red Ball Drills (RBD), the first US Dept. of Homeland Security SAFETY Act certified crisis management training program.

  • The program is trauma-free, live, and site-specific, with no interruptions to daily operations and no loss of work hours.

  • Red Ball Drills have been implemented for police departments, major league sports, Fortune 100 companies, hospitals, schools, manufacturing/distribution facilities, Esports/gaming, and houses of worship.

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About Red Ball Drills

The Red Ball Drills program is an unparalleled training approach. We are proud to be the premier crisis training program with SAFETY Act designation from the Department of Homeland Security. Condensing our offerings into a single document is not an easy task. We invite you to view our informative video, which highlights the crucial benefits of our program for your crisis management training needs. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Red Ball Drills for Law Enforcement

Our Principles

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help our clients maximize preparedness and improve crisis response and recovery processes.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To revolutionize the risk management and preparedness industry through process-focused proprietary methodology and awesome outcomes.

Our Goal

Our Goal

To empower participants and redefine how training is implemented in the industry.

Client Testimonials

General Counsel

E-Sports Company

We've worked with Experior Group and Aric Mutchnick since June 2016. Since then we've run numerous events and numerous Red Ball Drills®. They have helped me to feel more confident that our security presence and activities are more front-of-mind than they used to be. But more importantly, they help our volunteer and staff support to feel trained without feeling scared. In fact, they've become quite popular; people who get chosen for the drill feel excited and like they're taking part in something fun that also helps them learn. Our volunteers have told us that they appreciate being involved with a company that found someone with a creative way to help them feel more comfortable with some pretty scary issues.

Alan Haskel

Director - Facilities & Administration

Public Broadcasting Service

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has been working with the team from Experior Group, Inc. for their training that assists our employees with decision making if they encounter an intruder with harmful intentions within our work space. Experior's Red Ball Drills® have been provided to employees at our office locations and have been found to be an effective method of allowing our staff to understand available options if they were to be in the midst of an incident with an intruder. The innovative methods of training provided by Experior offer information presented in a calm environment for our employees to learn the advance preparations that could be their means of survival in a stressful situation. Employees have noted that the training has them feeling more prepared in the event of damaging activities occurring within our offices. PBS senior management feels that Experior's training has improved our office environment by offering techniques that our employees can apply to either the time they spend in our office or anywhere in their day to day lives that will aid them in any potentially harmful situations.

Gordon Snow

Chief of Protective Services

Cleveland Clinic

The Red Ball Drills® program brought a different yet effective method for training staff in our facilities. We believe that the ability to conduct a live drill without interrupting operations has allowed for exponentially higher accessibility to this training as it provides more opportunities to administer the training given its flexible methodology. Our team saw demonstrable benefits from conducting the drills and the reactions from participants were overwhelmingly positive. With Safty Act protections in place, we believe we can further deploy the drills throughout more facilities given the benefits of the Safety Act protections. This would in-turn, increase the culture of security and safety awareness in our organization and allow us to test and evaluate our processes on a more frequent and recurring basis.

Heather Green

Portfolio Manager

Lincoln Properties

We were looking for an effective drill that would both allow us to train our staff on how to respond during an active shooter scenario without frightening our tenants, guests or staff. We had yet to discover a methodology that is effective in doing both. Experior's innovative and affordable Red Ball Drills® fit the bill perfectly. In addition to offering a “trauma-free” drill, The Experior Group team helped us identify gaps in procedures and physical security. We worked together to develop real, achievable and reasonable solutions that kept our tenant and guest experience warm and inviting. We are much more prepared to react if a security threat materializes at our properties.

Barry R. Stanford

Senior Director of Security Operations and Intelligence


AEG was looking for an effective drill that would allow us to train our staff on how to respond during an active shooter scenario without frightening our tenants, guests or staff during event and non-event time, but not interrupting the ongoing operations. We had previewed several other programs or methodologies, however those infringed on the event day operations. Experior's innovative, low-key and affordable Red Ball Drills® fit the bill perfectly. In addition to offering a “trauma- free” drill. The Experior Group team helped us identify gaps in procedures and physical security. In addition, based on the participation in the Red Ball Drills® we were able to achieve a better employee buy-in because they were able to see their input and make real, actionable changes in the overall safety and security of their venue. We are much more prepared to react if a security threat materializes at our venues.

Margie Gallo

Administrative Associate


I had the pleasure of experiencing the training that Experior Group, Inc. provided for one of our AEG venues in Minneapolis. As a newby to safety and security, I participated in the training more from the perspective of an employee rather than a security professional. Experior Group, Inc. assisted our employees in practicing decision making should they encounter an intruder with harmful intentions in one of our venues. Experior's Red Ball Drills® proved to be an effective method of allowing our staff to understand available options if they were to be in the midst of an incident with an intruder without the stress of an actual incident. The innovative methods of training provided by Experior Group, Inc. offer information presented in a calm environment for our employees to learn the advance preparations that could be their means of survival in a stress situation. The combination of learning our needs, reviewing our procedures, and testing our teams was an effective and engaging way to measure our venues state of readiness.

Susan Lindley

VP Global Physical Security and Travel

Capital Group Investments

Red Ball Drills® brought our security exercises to a new level. Having staff work through scenarios while in their workspace, as opposed to a conference room, without the concern of frightening those not participating or interrupting day-to- day operations, is a true value-add. Our frontline team was highly engaged and we found the best potential solutions came from them, as opposed to the executive team, which makes sense if you think about it. We were able to plan and train simultaneously with Experior Group's expert moderator and actor leading us through the process. They helped us identify gaps and develop effective procedures to address them. Most importantly the experience led to a heightened sense of vigilance and ownership on the part of those involved.


When NCTA-The Internet & Television Association looked for a way to present best practices for preparing its staff for the possibility of an Active Shooter incident and other emergency situations we were referred to Experior Group, Inc. by Lincoln Property Company. After meeting with Aric Mutchnick of Experior Group, we quickly signed on to participate in a product they developed called Red Ball Drills®, meant to simulate an Active Shooter and then engage in discussions regarding what the best response may be in a workplace violence situation. The Red Ball Drill program is an important tool in any emergency preparedness program. It helps to identify risk factors and facilitates meaningful conversation between management and their employee crisis management team in order to develop process', procedures, and readiness drills that allow staff to prepare for and execute a safe, logical and ultimately 'life-saving' event. It's companies like Experior Group, Inc. that help employers teach the importance of having a solid safety plan in their organization. Red Ball Drills® in conjunction with a SAFETY Act designation would further help educate and empower employers to protect themselves from the financial and human toll following a terror attack.

Manager, Security

Digi-Key Electronics

Thief River Falls, MN.

It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Aric and the Experior Group to write this letter of recommendation. In today's society, we knew that we needed a more effective security program which would address an active shooter or disgruntled employee situation, but we struggled with how to identify the areas needing improvement without traumatizing our employees with a real-life drill. As a global company with over 3,300 employees under one roof in a small town, the non-intrusive, non-traumatizing Red Ball Drills® program from Experior Group Inc. was a perfect fit for us. Aric Mutchnick and his team were very thorough and professional in helping us analyze the highest risk areas in our security plan. We are now making extensive updates to our safety policy and training procedures as a result of their threat assessment.

Former CIA

Station Chief

When I served with the CIA in the most challenging combat zones, there was nothing more important than the safety and security planning and implementation for keeping our installations and people safe. Having participated as a role player in Red Ball Drills, I know firsthand how this innovative and efficient approach to building effective security can buy down a company's risk exposure. Experior Group's training enhances collaboration among all company stakeholders including security, HR, and executive leadership. The “live” scenarios are based on the individual customer’s particular challenges and the follow on lessons learned discussion becomes the foundation for company wide best practice solutions.

John J. McNichol

President & CEO

Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding partnership between the Experior Group - Red Ball Drills team and the PA Convention Center Authority (PCCA). As president & CEO of the PCCA, one of my top priorities is safety and security for our personnel, contractors, customers, conference attendees and the public. The PA Convention Center is a 2 million square foot facility located in the heart of Philadelphia. Our location and the nature of our business can present some unique security challenges- hosting over 1.5 million guests per year- ensuring a hospitable environment in balance with careful attention to public safety. We are always testing ourselves to make certain the policies and procedures we have in place meet our high expectations for ourselves. The Red Ball Drills team did an excellent job of making the process collaborative and stress-free. The advance work you did to prepare us for the Red Ball Drills set the tone for a successful exercise and gain the buy-in of our personnel. The Security Plan Review and Site Security Assessments were thorough and insightful. The actual Red Ball Drills were conducted professionally, with relevant scenarios yielding important insights into our preparedness. The resulting report was substantive, comprehensive, and well organized. Our teams at the PCCA are finding this report to be very helpful in further examining our procedures and working to implement relevant recommendations into what we believed was already a solid safety plan. In the end, we found this to be a worthwhile investment on our safety program. Your team should be commended for its professionalism and obvious expertise that they bring to your customers.