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Cyber Security Webinar – OccamSec and Experior Group, Inc.
Summer 2020 – See 4 Video Segments Below
Esports Industry Security Briefing
Thursday, June 18, 2 PM ET
Part of An Ongoing Red Ball Drills® Series

Posted June 18, 2020: The Esports Risks and Security Briefing, featuring:

Kim Meltzer, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Destination Esports, a women-owned, full-service experiential esports creative group; Aric Mutchnick, With 20+ years of experience in military and security services, Mr. Mutchnick specializes in high-level security consulting, risk mitigation, specialized training and threat assessments, and Wouter Maenhaut, Founder & managing partner of Dazzle Events, and tournamentcenter, a gaming and esports agency in Europe and USA.

If you missed the Esports Risks and Security Briefing, you may see the highlights below, in 4 smaller file sizes for easier viewing.

Esports Risks Security Briefing – Part One
Esports Risks Security Briefing – Part Two
Esports Risks Security Briefing – Part Three
Esports Risks Security Briefing – Part Four

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Red Ball Drills® – Pulse Special Report Findings – Pandemic – May 2020

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Red Ball Drills® for Pandemic Planning & Response

Aric Mutchnick (CEO & Founder) provides the 3 distinct advantages using Red Ball Drills® provides for any client. Click Here: Length 90 Seconds

Note: In our coming “Video Shorts” series, Red Ball Drills® CEO & Founder Aric Mutchnick discusses 1) Running drills at a fortified mining operation in Kenya, 2) Active shooter drills in a landmark Kentucky Theater, and 3) A major hospital drill ‘discovering a simple effective preparedness “fix”. Stay Tuned!

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